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Instrumental Ask.

Conductor:What's your favorite thing about band?
Piccolo:Talk about the person that pisses you off most in band.
Flute:What's one thing that ticks you off about marching band?
Oboe:If you had to choose between single reeded or double reeded instruments which one would you choose?
English Horn:What's the most difficult piece of music you've ever played?
Bassoon:Bass Clef or Treble Clef? Why?
Clarinet:Tell an embarrassing moment that happened during band.
Bass Clarinet:Do you prefer listening to the melody of the songs or finding the core of the music?
Soprano Sax:What's your favorite piece of music?
Alto Sax:A funny story that happened at a competition.
Tenor Sax:Who are you the closest with in your band? Share why you guys are such good friends.
Bari Sax:Describe the kind of person you are in the band.
Cornet:What's the highest note you can play with a good tone?
Flugelhorn:What's your favorite instrument besides your primary one?
Trumpet:Loud songs or soft ones?
French Horn:What's your favorite note? Why?
Mellophone:What's your favorite drum corps? Why?
Trombone:Has there been a time where you laughed while playing your instrument?
Baritone:What's the difference between a baritone and euphonium?
Euphonium:Do you get offend if people mistaken your instrument for something else?
Tuba:Who in your band makes you laugh the most? Why?
Contra:What's your least favorite drum corps? Why?
Timpani:Do you prefer the top or bottom line when there's a divisi in your music?
Bells:What would you like to buy for your instrument right now?
Vibes:What's a weakness you have in music?
Marimba:What do you feel about the pit/front ensemble?
Cymbals:Do you think there should be a cymbal line?
Bass:Who do you think in the bassline has the most difficult part?
Snare:What's your favorite instrument brand?
Tenors:Tell a story about your drumline.
Violin:What's the difference between a violin and viola?
Viola:Do you know what an alto clef is?
Cello:Which stringed instrument would you like to learn?
Bass:What's the heaviest instrument that you've held?
Double Bass:What instrument do you think will be the most difficult for you to learn? Why do you think so?
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